Micro Needling Roll-On


Replacement Micro Needling Roller
made of stainless medical surgical steel for the HyaLips Box.


Combination instrument for the following products:

:: Beautylines New Hair Serum
:: Beautylines Hyaluon Booster
:: Beautylines HyaLips Serum


The fine needles of the Micro Needing Roller allow you to apply the products listed above directly into the skin. The active substances are introduced into the skin and you will receive more intensive results in a shorter time.


Apply the desired product to the desired area of skin. Use the Micro Needling Roller to roll the product into the skin in different directions until you can no longer see any moisture. Repeat the procedure a second time and finish the application according to the product description.


1 x Micro Needling Roller consisting of stainless medical surgical steel, 540 finest tip, 0.25 mm length

Product description on the packaging in: german, english.

More detailed information about the Micro Needling Roller, the application and the ingredients can be found here: HyaLips