New Hair Serum


Hair growth-serum 50ml
Prevents hair loss and helps hair roots more strength and endurance.
Strengthen your hair, you get denser, stronger and more resistant hair.




Even with hereditary hair loss, hair follicles shrink to entirely miniature versions. These mini-follicles then produce only an extremely short, thin hair that is barely visible. At the same time, the normal growth phase of the follicles lasting several years shortens to a few weeks.


The beautylines New Hair Serum contains selected vital and nutritious substances which provide the hair roots with all-round new and positive hair energy. The active ingredient combinations were specially developed for thinning hair and give the hair roots new strength with decreasing hair density as well as hair length. The hairline is sufficiently supplied again and the hair structure is improved with regular use, significantly! The hair quality as well as the elasticity of the hair can decrease with age or due to many other influences, so it is important to supply the hair roots specifically, with the active ingredient combinations of beautylines New Hair Serums.


More detailed information about the New Hair Serum, the application and the ingredients can be found here: New Hair Serum


A perfect result can only be achieved with a regular application.

Your hair follicles need to be informed daily about the active substances in order to develop accordingly.