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All-rounder blueberry

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They are among the best that the fruit stand has to offer: Blueberries not only taste really good, they are also full of valuable ingredients. We reveal what makes blueberries so healthy and why the blue superfood even protects against wrinkles.

Officially recognized is the effect of blueberries on diarrhea and inflammation of the mouth / throat. But the blueberry can do much more. Undisputed are the numerous positive effects of the blue powerhouse for prevention, anti-aging, cardiovascular disease, nerve protection, vascular health, blood sugar and digestion.

Anti-inflammatory anthocyanins help the body scavenge free radicals and neutralize them. The plant compounds that also give blueberries their deep blue color can thus slow down premature aging of the skin. Blueberries can therefore actually have a preventive effect on wrinkles. In addition, the biochemicals contained in blueberries stabilize the body’s own vein system and, according to some studies, can even prevent cancer and arteriosclerosis.

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Vitamins C and E, which are abundant in blueberries, also make the blue fruits a real beauty food. Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen – which plumps up the skin from the inside, so to speak. The vitamin E contained in blueberries has long been considered a beauty vitamin. Both vitamins are also antioxidants, help to scavenge free radicals and strengthen the immune system.